• Retrofit
    Waar de fabrikant stopt met ondersteuning zoekt Holtech verder!
  • Robotintegratie
    HOLTECH helpt u over de drempel
  • Machineveiligheid
    DSP Laser beveiliging waakt voor uw veiligheid

your partner for robot integration

Holtech is a company working in the sheet metal industry.

The company activities of Holtech is brief:

1) Integration of industrial robots in all branches of industry.
Holtech distinguished by their versatility and technical knowledge.
More on this below robot integration.

2) Machine safety.
We update the safety of your machine in accordance with the equipment directive.
More on this in machine safety.

3) machine maintenance and service.
Due to the extensive experience in service delivery in the sheet metal industry
Holtech well able to offer the e.v.t necessary support and service.
More on this in service.