Robot integration

Robotics, HOLTECH helps you over the threshold
Holtech is a company that specializes in the robot integration in many branches of industry. Holtech has all the disciplines from engineering to assembly of production.
We guide your operators during the entire project. The necessary training will be provided by Holtech in its entirety including the robot training.

Obviously Holtech will continue to support after the completion of the project. Service will be reviewed by us as one of the most important parts of the process.

Developments in the field of Robot integration are going very fast. Following these developments is essential. Increasingly robotic software with other systems in order to keep possible central management and control.
Also, when it comes to vision applications or special technical applications:
Holtech has all the capabilities to make existing systems with the robot software to communicate or not supplemented by the expertise of external partners.
Holtech is willing to think along with you to find an appropriate solution to the problem.


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