Your partner in retrofit

Holtech operates in the sheet metal industry with unique technical versatility and knowledge. We integrate industrial robots in all branches of industry and we update the safety of your machines.

Service & Updates

Due to the extensive experience in service in the sheet metal industry, Holtech is very well able to offer support and service. In the field of product replacements, Holtech is the right partner to update older systems with new techniques.



It can happen that a machine has become unusable because the controller or other essential components are defective. We can offer a fair and economically responsible solution for this.

Machine safety

Machines must be safe for the people who work with them. The work equipment you use can be updated by Holtech to the maximum achievable safety.

Maintenance and service

Holtech has extensive experience in various technical disciplines in the field of maintenance and service. We are able to quickly find alternatives if components are no longer available.

Robot integration

A robot set-up in a production process must be able to perform optimally. Holtech posesses all the possibilities to have your existing systems communicate with modern robotic software.

Customers about Holtech

“The conversion time is only a fraction of the time it used to be and the unit is very user-friendly; every operator can learn it in a very short time “

– Harry Huiting, production manager HR Groep Leek

“Holtech completely stripped the press brake and converted it to a modern, digitally controlled machine. Moreover, the press brake was equipped with a DSP camera security.”

– Rob van Tilburg, Ewac Medical

Ready for an upgrade?

Often the mechanical part or the hydraulics of your equipment are still in good condition, but the controller needs to be replaced. Contact us for the possibilities.