It may happen that a machine has become unusable because the controller or other essential components are defective. The mechanical parts of the machine are still completely intact, so only “the brains” no longer work. Parts of the defective control are no longer available due to the age of the machine. We can offer a fair and economically responsible solution for this.

Retrofit overall concept

Holtech opts for our so-called overall concept. In case of retrofit of, for example, press brakes, all outdated components are replaced with modern alternatives. The drivers (motors and controllers) will also be replaced. All components used are industrial parts, so no one-sided dependence on special manufacturer-related components. An overhaul also means that we will have to look at machine safety in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Advantages Holtech retrofit




Fair and economically sound


Modern overall solution


Industrial parts


Safe solution


Smart standalone bending aid

The “Up” is a standalone bending aid for all types of press brakes. This bending aid can operate independently of any existing press brake control due to its on-board intelligence.


Outdated mooring systems can be updated with Unimec. It is possible to add extra axes to the system. For example, it is possible to extend a mooring system with one axis to five axes. All can be set independently of each other.

Electrical box Safan (before and after)

Examples controls

To control the machine, we can choose from a Delem or Cybelec control. Depending on the need and technical possibilities, we make the right choice together with the customer.

Delem 66T (2D)

Delem 69T (3D)


Cybelec Cybtouch 12

Cybelec Modeva-PAC

Ready for an upgrade?

Often the mechanical part or the hydraulics of your equipment are still in good condition, but the controller needs to be replaced. Contact us for the possibilities.